Work With Nicole

You don’t have the time or even the mental capacity to entertain the idea of self-care and healthy nutrition (or you literally have no idea where to start).

Is this you?

Working moms, entrepreneurs, business owners:

Spend your valuable time doing what you do best, with effective nutrition accountability in your back pocket. Now you can have the healthy energy, focus, and body that allows you to do ALL THE THINGS you can in a day, without wondering what to eat or when you’ll fit in your next workout.

Initial Call for Private Health and Nutrition Coaching for Millennials, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Work from Home Mothers

Initial Wellness Strategy Session

Dive into your personal health obstacles and walk away with a concrete, realistic wellness plan for your schedule + style. ($111/60-min call, Reg $225)

This one-on-one initial call will explore your past and present health concerns, evaluate your personal health constitution, and determine the areas of health that are the most out of whack. We’ll start with simple, realistic steps you can take - starting right now - and create a plan going forward to keep you accountable to your clean eating and self-care. This includes a personalized holistic wellness PDF guide for you to keep as your start this next part of your journey.

Voxer Health and Nutrition Coaching for Millennials, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Work from Home Mothers

Voxer Nutrition Accountability Coaching

Have your personal accountability partner right in your pocket, literally. ($999/month, Reg $1499)

You’re on the phone all day. You’re constantly checking your Instagram DM, slack feed, Facebook notifications, email follow ups, and working with clients and team members. Even scheduling time with doctors, therapists, or trainers is super hard because you have so much going on. When you do have a minute to breathe, you fit in family time or maybe a quick workout.

The Voxer app is your new best friend. Whether you’re hungry at happy hour or wandering the aisles of Whole Foods, now you have accountability support right when you need it. I’ll coach you via the Voxer app when it’s convenient for us both, helping you to stay strong in moments of temptation, clarify cooking questions, navigate date night menus, or translate ingredient lists so you can get your clean eating and self-care on track (without missing out on anything else important).


Private Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Evolve your eating and up-level your productivity. Improve your focus, libido, energy, weight, and stress levels with customized nutrition guidance and coaching. ($599/month, Reg $799)

You've tried Weight Watchers, Zumba, Keto (everything but lipo)...and all the meal replacement shakes...but right now, you are not happy with your weight. You "eat pretty healthy" and workout, but can't seem to figure out why you're still stuck in a rut. You're hormones feel off, you crave sugar + caffeine, and have a few minor chronic health concerns. You feel like you are always coming down with something, have digestive "issues" and your sleep is subpar.

You need a reset, a restart, a jumpstart, a boost, you just need something. BUT - You don’t have time for this. CORRECTION - You don’t have time to do this ALONE. Learning how to fit a healthy lifestyle into your busy schedule is - not only possible - but absolutely essential as a business owner or mother (or both!) Now you can make your nutrition and self-care match your other levels of success, with support you didn’t even know you needed. (Two 90 min or Four 45 min calls/month)


Whole 30 Support

Conquer your Whole 30 Experience. Includes up to FOUR 1-hour calls (your choice) with Nicole, along with text and email support. $299/month

One month of unlimited Whole 30 guidance and support. Learn what to expect, how to prepare and troubleshoot your Whole 30 plan. Whether or not this is your first time completing the plan, you’ll have a smoother, more supported experience with Nicole as your guide and accountability partner. Includes up to FOUR 1-hour calls (your choice) with Nicole, along with text and email support.