“Nicole is someone that I completely trust with my health and well-being.”

“Nicole has been a delight to work with! I truly enjoyed the information she sent to me each week. Everything that we discussed was catered to my personal needs.

She really listened to all of my concerns and made me feel like I was worth taking care of! She is very creative in her approach to adjusting plans to fit lifestyle. I especially appreciate her flexibility and clarity with scheduling video chats. She is efficient and supportive in her approach to help people grow.”

- Jordan, Teacher + Artist, Dallas, TX

Nicole has been extremely helpful with helping me managing my hashimoto’s disease. She has educated me on ways to decrease toxins in my environment and diet to help reduce my overall inflammation. Nicole is a very smart loving health coach who was always a phone call or text away day or night. I will be a client of hers for life!
— Corinne, Chicago, IL
Nicole is dynamic, very knowledgeable and fun to work with. She provides a very easy nutritional program to follow and works with your needs and schedule. She provides the best advice based on your lifestyle and nutritional needs. It is not a rigid program, but it is a program that provides adaptability and changes the way you think about food.

In addition, Nicole provides several well developed guides and articles that help you with your dietary changes and serve as useful reference tools. She also provided us with several great recipes and ideas that we never thought of which we have enjoyed cooking and adding to our seasonal diets. All of Nicole’s recipes are easy to prepare and are geared for people with busy lifestyles.

Nicole is compassionate and really cares about aspects of your life to help you make the best nutritional decisions and meet your weight goals. Bottom line, she guides you in the right direction and gets you to safely lose weight for the long-term.
— Donna, Irvine, CA
Nicole’s breadth and depth of knowledge regarding nutrition and wellness are impressive. I appreciate that Nicole is realistic about her recommendations knowing we all have busy schedules and may need a treat every now and again. ;) I enjoyed working with Nicole and look forward to working with her more in the future!
— Marissa, Madison, WI
Nicole keeps your interest by touching on relatable subjects, gives you thought-provoking information and encouragement! I enjoyed the group so much! So much info for a reasonable price!
— Sherry, Chicago, IL
Working with Nicole has been a very beneficial learning experience. I knew the basics, however, with Nicole, she was able to point me in a direction where I further understood my body and that there are certain methods that work for some people and another method for others. She was also able to provide me with many suggestions to assist me in losing my weight goal. It was great being able to speak to an expert about my perceptions and what I thought I was doing right.

Although one method would work with one person, for another person, they would need to have another method. This was truly important to me because I thought healthy was healthy and I was wondering why I was not seeing results. The planning ahead was also very important since I live by my calendar. Whatever issue I presented Nicole, she always came back with a solution.

I truly enjoyed how friendly she was and how easy she was to talk to. The sessions always flew by. It also helps that she is so knowledgeable about the subject. I was always trying to find excuses but she found a way to fix whatever issue I was having. She truly cares about her clients and wants nothing more than their success. Overall, it was great working with Nicole. If you’ve been on the fence about making a change like this, just give it a go!
— Jad, Milwaukee, WI
Nicole Schmitz, Highly Rated Health Coach in Newport Beach

“I thought I knew a lot and I was astonished at how much I learned.”

“Nicole was amazing. I feel really confident and motivated to incorporate a new more effective eating plan.

Thank you, Nicole.”

-Erin, Spa Owner, Whistler, Canada

I worked with Nicole throughout my pregnancy and the primary goal I had expressed to her was that I wanted a healthier and more natural pregnancy and birthing experience than the one I had with my first daughter.

She assisted me in understanding my options, provided me with tools I feel I would not have been able to find elsewhere, and most importantly (to me) supported and affirmed me consistently throughout my journey.

Nicole provided me with a wide range of support as well from nutritional ideas, to relaxation strategies, to education on my rights as a laboring mother in the hospital. I can confidently say that without her program and superb coaching, my pregnancy and birthing experience would not have been what it was (healthy, happy and EXACTLY what I was hoping for.)
— Nicolette, San Francisco, CA
Nicole is not only passionate about health and nutrition but about people. Her knowledge, focus and determination make working with her a joy. 
— Karen, DeKalb, IL
I am so enjoying learning about all the knowledge about how what we put into our body affects us. I now realize it’s actually a lot simpler once you know what to look for. Working with a health coach like Nicole is so different than some fad diet that only works a week.

This has really shifted my perspective. I strongly advise anyone that wants to lose weight check out Nicole’s group or work with her one on one. Let her do the research for you!

Anyone who wants to lose weight, to be healthier, or if you have diabetes or cancer in your family, why not try to eat the best you can to potentially fight these diseases off?

It’s really something to think about! Check out Nicole, she’s been teaching me about different things for almost 15 years of knowing her. It’s in her soul to educate! And I loved her recipes!
— Gina, Chicago, IL
Nicole’s contagious passion for healthy living challenged me to optimize my fitness and diet. With her practical plan and realistic goal setting, I have achieved the physique and healthful mindset I’ve always desired.
— Beth, Los Angeles, CA
Nicole’s calm, supportive and unconditional support motivated me and increased my self-confidence.
— Cassandra, Los Angeles, CA

“Nicole will go the extra mile to make you feel truly seen, felt, heard, and nourished with wonderful guidance.”

“Nicole is a gracious galaxy with a natural propensity for uplifting others.

She has an extensive array of Coaching and Nutritive knowledge. She integrates her skill sets with a stellar work ethic, genuine passion, and pure moxie.

I most appreciate Nicole’s person-centered approach to Wellness; A million stars for this superstar!”

- Dr. Jackie Vigeant, Artist, Yogi, Mermaid, Newport Beach, CA

You hear about diets all of your life and nothing seems to work…working with Nicole gave me a new perspective on food! It’s more than dieting…it’s a way of life and I am living healthier, happier and, now, longer because of the educated choices I make.
— Cynthia, Chicago, IL
We are all so busy, but fitting in my time with Nicole to focus on “me” was so important. Through our sessions, I was helped in so many other areas of living a positive and meaningful life!
— Melanie, Chicago, IL
I believe most of us aspire to live in a healthy manner but are perplexed as to where to begin and what healthy living truly means. This is where Nicole comes in.
— Jean, Chicago, IL
Working with Nicole was an amazing experience, she did such a great job teaching me about healthy eating that I finally lost the weight I tried so hard to lose for years before.
— Camila, Los Angeles, CA