Work with Nicole

Feeling stuck absolutely sucks. No one ever said that living a balanced life, having a family or creating an income while actually not hating your job would be easy, but does it have to be so hard?

Lasting change doesn't happen overnight – or by yourself. You no longer have to wander the waves of transformation alone or wonder where on earth to start.

It's time you create the healthy, balanced life you've been looking for...with the kind of support you had no idea you needed.


How I See It

How we do one thing affects how we do another - our work, our parenting, our nutrition, it's all connected. Most of us aspire to live healthy lives so we can be productive, have a little more energy and maybe even be a little more present. But let's be honest:

Adulting is not easy.

Real life demands real support. This way, when shit hits the fan, when you fall off the wagon, when little shadow voices creep up in your brain and tell you you're worthless and nothing is every going to work for have knowledge and support (me) along side you to remind you of how incredibly determined and capable you are, while teaching you what you need to know to completely support you on your journey to a balanced, healthy life! How great is that?

I keep it real (something you can actually use) and simple (something you can actually understand).


Our Time Includes

  • 60 min of time for you + me (meeting every other week/2x month)
  • Unlimited email + text support between sessions (hello, date-night-dinner-menu-accountability-partner)
  • Downloadable/printable handouts + journal inspiration to keep forever
  • My exclusive Balanced Recipes eBook
  • My 100% focused commitment to supporting your mind + body's wellness goals
  • The exact type of support + usable knowledge to create a realistic weight loss + wellness action plan
  • BONUS: 6 Month Program includes a secret, special, super awesome wellness warrior gift box with books + healthy living treats!

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You can have true balance on the inside (head stuff) + outside (body stuff).